European Style Sipping Chocolate

European Style Sipping Chocolate

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sipping chocolate recipe

Less of a contemporary hot chocolate and more of a melted drinkable chocolate bar. The ChocoVivo Sipping Chocolate provides a meditative and relaxing experience providing energy for the day, or relaxation for the night.

Using ChocoVivo’s less processed, non-conched, non-tempered, and vegan house-made chocolate, this drink becomes a savory and healthy delicacy.

By using cacao instead of cocoa powder the chocolate is not stripped its valuable nutrients, leaving for a more rich experience.  

Origins of Sipping Chocolate

After venturing/pillaging through the Americas, and discovering the nectar of Native American revelment, Spanish voyagers brought back chocolate. Instantly becoming a staple in many European countries and a delicacy to royalty, chocolate began to be served as a more expensive drink to be consumed by society’s most elite.

Eventually adding sugar and milk to reduce the bitterness and highlight the sweet aspects of chocolate we are more familiar with today, chocolate-dedicated shops began to appear throughout Europe and have continued to flourish for hundreds of years.  


Sipping Chocolate Recipe

 Prep Time:
1 minute

Cook Time: 
3 minutes

Total Time:
4 minutes

Recipe Yield:
1 Serving (3oz cup)

Category: Beverage
Cuisine: Spanish
Keywords: Cacao, Chocolate


  • 100 ML of Liquid Base: Milk, Filtered Water, Hazelnut Milk, Oat Milk or any nondairy alternative



Place your liquid base and choice of chocolate into a metal pitcher or small bowl over a double broiler for two to three minutes or until desired temperature is reached. Hot drinks are typically served at between 160 degrees F and 185 degrees F. 


Drop in your 65 grams of chocolate into the hot liquid, and whisk together to properly blend the two.


Check for unincorporated chocolate by taking a long handled spoon and feeling the bottom of the pitcher. Whisk again to ensure chocolate is fully incorporated and no chunks are left behind.


Pour the whisked chocolate through a small strainer into your cup of choice. Stir the mixture to aid the liquid chocolate in passing through the strainer to ensure a thick, smooth and creamy drink.

Relax and Enjoy!

  Variations & Tips

  •  Use the Coffee Crunch bar or Mayan Tradition bar for taste of a Mocha or a taste of Mexican Chocolate!  
  • The higher the cacao % used in the Sipping Chocolate, like the 100% Cacao, the thicker the Sipping Chocolate will be. Add more or less liquid base to establish your perfect consistency!
  • If you want something unsweetened use the 100% Cacao chips and add maple syrup or even honey
  • If you want it thicker, use oat mylk
  • For faster cooking time we have our cacao powder. This doesn't have any sugar so add your own, not as creamy, but it's faster to add in if you just want a little bit of chocolate and superfood in your beverage!  
  • Using slightly less liquid than prescribed above, this recipe can be used as a Dipping Chocolate for churros, cookies, fruit, marshmallows, popcorn, as a side dish to virtually any pastry, or try it drizzled over a slice of cake.


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