Historically, cacao was used as currency, medicine, food and a way to bring people together. We live in the bustling streets of one of the largest cities in the world. With these events, our intention is to bring back how cacao was used historically, but apply it to our modern day living of meditation, ceremony, food, gathering. and reflection. We aim to to foster the meaning of the human connection with cacao.

Bringing Cacao Back to Community.

It's Women's History Month in March!  We are teaming up with Sunny Blue, a neighborhood mainstay that specializes in handmade Omnisbui rice balls.  Creating a unique menu of Chocolate Eggplant Omnisubi and Chocolate Moichi, taste a little of Japan at ChocoVivo.

Our space will be transformed into tatami (..)

Reserve $ 45.00 USD / PERSON

This is only for the online event.  Embark on a journey into the mystique of cacao butter. You'll delve into the secrets of cacao butter's remarkable benefits for the skin and overall well-being. As we explore its nourishing properties, we'll also unlock the art of crafting our cacao lotion bars. (..)

Reserve $ 95.00 USD / PERSON

It's Women's History Month in March,  and we are hosting a Meet the Maker Night with  Gloria Moist from Olivo Amigo, a producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.  We are creating a unique spread of small bites!  Come enjoy the taste of (..)

Reserve $ 45.00 USD / PERSON

House Rules

Due to the nature of our small space, we require reservations.  We encourage a limit of 5 people.  Limiting group size maintains the feeling of curiosity and community, creating space to introspect and discover new connections.  If you are interested in a larger group, please fill out the Custom Form.

Please Note:
- Some events require shoes to be taken off once you enter. 
- We have very limited seating in chairs. 
- If there are additional items you would like to add to your night, please look at the Add-Ons for each event.  The Chocolate Drink Bar will be limited only to cater towards the event of that night.