Mayan Tradition Bar
Mayan Tradition Bar
Mayan Tradition Bar

Mayan Tradition Bar

“Tastes like Christmas” or “…like red hots”.  This is one of the most popular blends.  If you think you know what spicy chili and chocolate tastes like, you haven’t tasted this.  The depth of flavors from the various ingredients makes it taste like the mole of chocolate.  You’ll taste that cinnamon first and then those chilies will kick-in at the end.

Bean Type: Trinitario
Bean Origin: Tabasco, Mexico
Cacao Percentage: 54% Cacao
Cacao-Sugar Ratio: 56% Cacao
Ingredients: Cacao nibs, Unrefined Cane Sugar, California Almonds, Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Guajillo Chilies, Pasilla Negro Chilies, Chipotle Chilies
Flavor Notes: Cinnamony & Spicy
Fermentation: > 3 days
Suggested Uses: Used a drinking chocolate at Akasha’s in Culver City, melt it into a drinking chocolate, spread it over toast or the classic Chocolate + Cheese + Bread Recipe . Great with whites or lighter red wines.

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