ChocoVivo's Famous ChocoGato

ChocoVivo's Famous ChocoGato

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Inspiration: The Affogato

Literally translated to “drowned” in Italian, the Affogato is a master art of delicious simplicity. Being a staple of Italian culture since ancient Rome, ice cream, the base of the Affogato, has become an artisan dish.  With the introduction of chocolate to Europe in the early 17th century, it was only a matter of time until the two were combined into a delicious medley. A simple espresso shot poured over freshly scooped gelato or Ice cream and immediately consumed for a fresh and energizing taste, its ease of preparation contributes to an ultimately rewarding experience. The exact origin of this combination is not known, but one can only assume with the advent of the espresso shot in italy, came along with it the idea to combine it with gelato, another great idea from the artisans of Italy. 

The Chocogato

The Chocogato is one large scoop of ice cream with ChocoVivo Sipping Chocolate poured on top in lue of the traditional espresso shot. Initially invented in 2013 by ChocoVivo’s founder when looking for the perfect way to enjoy the hot lick of the sun along with a creamy and smooth chocolate experience. The ChocoVivo Chocogato is more than just chocolate ice cream or chocolate sauce on ice cream. It is a fusion of sultry nutrient-filled chocolate, with the cool embrace of ice cream to create an inner breeze on a hot day. While still maintaining the simplicity and spirit of the Italian Affogato, the Chocogato removes the hustle and bustle of the espresso shot, and adds the beautiful essence of nutrient-rich ChocoVivo chocolate

 Prep Time
2 minutes

Cook Time 
4 minutes

Total Time
6 minutes

Recipe Yield
1 Serving

Category: Beverage, Dessert
Cuisine: Italian
Keywords: Affogato, Chocolate, Espresso


  • 100 ML of Liquid Base: Milk, Filtered Water, Hazelnut MilkOat Milk or any nondairy alternative
  • 1 Large Scoop Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • 1 tsp Crushed Cacao Nibs (Optional)



Place Liquid Base and choice of chocolate into metal pitcher or small bowl over double broiler for two to three minutes or until desired temperature is reached. Hot drinks are typically served between 160F and 185 F. 


Whisk the liquid base and chocolate to properly blend the two until evenly incorporated.


Check for unincorporated chocolate by skimming the bottom of pitcher with a long handled spoon. Whisk again to ensure all chocolate is fully incorporated and no chunks are left behind.


Pour the whisked chocolate through the strainer into your cup of choice. Stir the mixture to aid the liquid chocolate in passing through the strainer.


Prepare one large scoop of ice cream in a large enough mug or cup to fit both the ice cream scoop and the sipping chocolate.


Keep the sipping chocolate and ice cream separate until ready for eating, as to preserve the individual temperatures of both. Keeping the sipping Chocolate in one cup or glass good for pouring and one cup large enough for both the ice cream and the sipping chocolate to fuse.


When ready to serve, pour the sipping chocolate above the ice cream.


Top your ice cream with some crushed Cacao Nibs for crunchiness.






Rectangular plate with bowl of scooped ice cream and a small pitcher of hot drinking chocolate


  Variations & Tips

 *Use the Coffee + Vanilla bar or Mayan Tradition bar for taste of a Mocha or a taste of Mexican Chocolate!  

*Make it Vegan by using a non-dairy ice cream and a milk alternative.

*A simple and elegant dish for a dinner party, summer picnic, or large gathering because it’s easy to prepare in large batches.

*The higher the cacao % used in the Sipping Chocolate, like 100% Cacao, the thicker the Sipping Chocolate will be. Add more or less Liquid Base to establish your perfect consistency!

*If you want an unsweetened sugar version add maple syrup or even honey

*If you want it thicker, use oat mylk

*Make sure to crumble up the bar of chocolate for faster cooking time otherwise we have our cacao powder that make the process easier.  

*Using slightly less liquid than prescribed above, this recipe can be used as a Dipping Chocolate for churros, cookies, fruit, marshmallows, popcorn, as a side dish to virtually any pastry, or try it drizzled over a slice of cake or our Fudge Brownies.


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