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Cacao Tonic

Cacao Tonic


The ChocoVivo Cacao Tonic combines the sparkle of carbonated and mineral water with the smoothness of chocolate, creating a pop that sits on your tongue in subdued jubilation. Great as a refreshing, healthy and cold, quick drink, our Tonics are great for those sunny summer days, and even the cool fog of the fall.

Prep Time

1 minute

Cook Time

3 minutes

Total Time

4 minutes

Recipe Yield

1 Servings






Tonic, Chocolate


  • 50 grams of ChocoVivo chocolate
  • 50-75 ML of Filtered Water
  • 1 Cup Ice
  • 200 ML of any kind of carbonated water like Tonic, Soda, or Mineral Water


Step 1

Place filtered flat water and choice of ChocoVivo chocolate into metal pitcher or small bowl over double broiler for two to three minutes or until hot enough to melt the chocolate.

Step 2

Whisk the water and chocolate to properly blend the two. Check for unincorporated chocolate by scooping from bottom of pitcher with long handled spoon. Whisk again to ensure all chocolate is fully incorporated and no chunks are left behind.

Step 3

Fill 12-14oz glass half-way with ice (Approx 1 Cup)

Step 4

Pour half of the carbonated liquid of choice over the ice. Should fill the glass about 1/4 to 1/2 way.

Step 5

Pour the whisked chocolate mixture through a fine mesh strainer over the ice and carbonated water. Stir the chocolate mixture to aid the liquid chocolate in passing through the strainer.

Step 6

Stir to incorporate chocolate mixture and carbonated water. Slowly pour the remaining carbonated water on top to create a luscious foam.

Variations & Tips

*Use the Coffee + Vanilla bar or Mayan Tradition bar for taste of a Mocha or a taste of Mexican Chocolate!

*If you want an unsweetened sugar version, try our paleo blends and add maple syrup or even honey.

*If you want it thicker, use oat mylk.

*Make sure to crumble up the bar of chocolate for faster cooking time otherwise we have our cacao powderthat makes the process easier.

*Need a little more Caffeine? Try our Mocha Tonic. Just add a shot or two of Espresso right after the chocolate mixture and top with the rest of your carbonated water.

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