Secrets to Making The Best Cup of Hot Chocolate

Secrets to Making The Best Cup of Hot Chocolate

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At ChocoVivo, we’ve been written up for our famous hot chocolate.  Many customers say that it’s not as good at home when they make it.  Below we outline the tricks, give you some tips, and step by step directions on making the best cup of hot chocolate.

The chocolate used in our recipe are the bars of chocolate that we make and sell such as the Mayan Tradition which is the most popular hot chocolate on our menu.  Our next most popular is a 75% which we call Middle of the Road.  It's not necessary to use powder, but it's convenient.  You can always take the bars and grind it up in a blender and put it in an airtight container so you can use it whenever you'd like.  Otherwise we do sell chocolate powder here.  

Taste and consistency will differ because of the following reasons:  Our beans are specially fermented for our bars;  We use a 2 – 3 day fermentation process at the farm; We also start with an artisanal grade of beans  - think Farmers Market fruit from a small grower, instead of a large commodity grower where it’s a monocrop and the soil is not being replenished and taken care of; And last, but not least, we stone grind the chocolate to create just the right texture so that you get enough cacao butter released when the chocolate is melted, but you also have some texture which you can see specks of nibs after you finish the cup of chocolate. 

So see the secret below to making a cup of hot chocolate.  Steps are easy, but the type of chocolate does make a difference!  

 Prep Time
2 minutes

Cook Time 
5 minutes

Total Time
7 minutes

Recipe Yield
1 Serving

Category: Beverage
Cuisine: Mexican
Keywords: Cacao, Chocolate


·       50 g (1.767 oz) of ChocoVivo chocolate bars – Mayan Tradition or 75% Chocolate are our best sellers. 

·       250 ML (8.5 oz) of milk, hazelnut milk, hemp milk, or even water – like the Mayans did!  


Heat up your Milk on low heat in a small sauce pan up to about 120 F for about 5 minutes.


Take it off the stove and add in broken up pieces of the chocolate.


Whisk it up vigorously for about 30 – 45 seconds.  We use a double balloon whisk at the shop particularly the Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon. They work the best to create foam and emulsify the chocolate with the milk.


Put the pot of chocolate back on the stove over low heat if you still see specks of chocolate and gently stir it for a few seconds.  


Take the pot off the stove and give it another good whisk. Color is a good indicator of how well your chocolate has melted.  You should not see too many specks.  If it's a light chocolate brown color, it needs to be whisked more unless you intentionally added less chocolate!  The final color should be a nice medium chocolaty brown color. 


Pour it into your favorite mug and top it off with some cacao nibs!


On our secret menu we have a Matcha Hot Chocolate where we whisk Matcha and add in a 75% Cacao! See the last image below!  Feel free to experiment and do what you think is going to make the best cup of hot chocolate!  Then come into the shop and compare and contrast!  

Hot Chocolate step 1 
Hot Chocolate step 2 
Hot Chocolate step 3 
Hot Chocolate step 1 
Hot Chocolate step 5 
Hot Chocolate Matcha 

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  • Patricia- I LOVE your Exceptional products! You give your loving attention in everything you do.
    I am here as a consumer- friend- and supporter for you, and sharing the healing Benefits of Cacao!
    Happy Holidays With Love!

    Linda Lee on

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