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Make Your Own Matcha Hot Chocolate

Make Your Own Matcha Hot Chocolate
If you are reading this blog you probably have had one of our delightful hot chocolates.  Maybe you even had a matcha latte or matcha tea.  We love cacao as a superfood but we also like combining it with other superfoods.  This is where our Matcha Hot Chocolate comes into the picture.
At the store we can prepare it any way you'd like. Iced. Hot. Sipping. Bitter. Sweet. Here is a recipe for our signature Matcha Hot Chocolate:


 Prep Time
2 minutes

Cook Time 
4 minutes

Total Time
6 minutes

Recipe Yield
1 Serving

Category: Beverage
Cuisine: Japanese
Keywords: Matcha, Chocolate


  • 40-50 grams favorite ChocoVivo Bars or Powder
  • 8-10 oz. of favorite milk
  • 3 grams Matcha Powder



Place Liquid Base and choice of chocolate into metal pitcher or small bowl over double broiler for two to three minutes or until desired temperature is reached. Hot drinks are typically served between 160F and 185 F. 


Whisk the liquid base and chocolate to properly blend the two until evenly incorporated.


Place the 3 grams matcha powder into a small glass and add a small amount of hot water. Use a bamboo matcha whisk and whisk to dissolve powder with water. 


Add your whisked Matcha to your hot chocolate.


Check for unincorporated chocolate by skimming the bottom of pitcher with a long handled spoon. Whisk again to ensure all chocolate and matcha is fully incorporated and no chunks are left behind.


Pour out into a mug and enjoy!



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