Brain Talk Series: This is Your Brain On Chocolate!

Brain Talk Series: This is Your Brain On Chocolate!

Posted by Damian Mika on

Join us on Friday, November 9th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM for a Presentation and Q&A on the Effects of Chocolate on the Brain!

This November 9th, 2018 cognitive neuroscientist and peak performance coach Dr. Andrew Hill, is giving a FREE talk about chocolate, CBD and your brain!

Hosted by ChocoVivo, Los Angeles' first bean-to-bar chocolate shop.  Dr. Hill will reveal the results of our collaborative research with 7 case studies! Through a series of brain maps, Dr. Hill looked at exactly how their brains’ electrical activity (EEG) changed after they consumed both regular chocolate and a CBD-infused cacao drink. Aren’t you curious? Come hear the talk!

A perfect date night, friend's night out, or opportunity to mingle with new people! You can’t go wrong! 

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