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How to Create Your Own Cacao Ceremony

How to Create Your Own Cacao Ceremony

During this session, you will learn the different components to create your first cacao ceremony.  With many questions on what is ceremonial cacao, and what is the right way to perform a cacao ceremony, our owner, Patricia Tsai, will share her experience and understanding of an authentic cacao ceremony.  

What you will get:

- A better understanding of a cacao ceremony
- Ideas and takeaways on creating your own cacao ceremony
- Sample products that will make a perfect cacao ceremony
- Participate in a mini cacao ceremony
- Sample special products to be included in a authentic cacao ceremony

This event will also be done virtually so please make sure to click on the proper link below.  For the Virtual event,  a  sample kit of all the items will be sent to you.

Date of Event: 
Dec 5, Sunday 11 AM to 12 PM 

In House: $30
Online with sample kit:  $35
Online no sample kit: $30

Virtual link for online session will be emailed to you a few days prior to the event. 

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