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A Night of Chocolate Tortilla Tacos and Spiked Champurrado

A Night of Chocolate Tortilla Tacos and Spiked Champurrado
Join us for a night of chocolate, maize, tortillas, history, holiday fun and drinks! 
You may have caught word of our Heirloom Cacao Tortillas (available for pre-order), but this event is one for the books! We will be serving up our Chocolate Tortillas with mole and your choice of veggies or meat and Spiked Champurrado. 
Champurrado is a chocolate-based atole, a warm and thick Mexican drink, prepared with our stone-ground heirloom masa and organic cacao!
Come learn about nixtamalization, the significance of corn and cacao in ancient Mayan and Mexican culture and history, plus experience our modern adaptations of ancient tradition.
$30 per person.  Includes:
  • Warm spiked Champurrado drink.
  • Two Cacao Tortilla Tacos (choose veggie, cheese or chicken).
  • Cacao Fruit as a refresher on the side with smoked salt & nibs on top
  • Attendees under the age of 21 or those who do not drink can still purchase tickets and will be served non-spiked Champurrado. 

You'll feel like a Mayan after this delectable filling meal.  


November 22nd, 2019 7PM-10:30 PM




12469 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA  90066