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The Many uses of Chocolate Dust!

The Many uses of Chocolate Dust!

First things first what is Chocolate Dust? Chocolate Dust is a ground mixture of is a ground mixture of cacao beans, cinnamon, coconut flakes, vanilla extract, and sea salt. This superfood's texture is just a bit larger than that of salt or sugar, and works well as a healthy sweetener. If your unsure of how to use it below are just a few ideas:


1. Put it on your coffee

Chocolate "dust" falling out of jar into coffee cup

2. Add it to your Sipping Chocolate

Ceramic cups filled with drinking chocolate

3. Add to a pb and j

Chocolate "dust" falling onto peanut butter and jelly sandwich

4. Add to Nutella Toast

Chocolate "dust" falling onto nutella toast

5. Garnish your Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate topped with scoop of ice cream

6. Put it in you Nutella Bagel for Brunch

Chocolate "dust" falling onto bagel

7. Sprinkle it on some smores!

Chocolate "dust" falling onto s'mores

8. Or just plain eat it!

Chocolate "dust" falling onto smiley emoji

I hope we've given you a few ideas for how to enjoy your chocolate dust. Enjoy your sweet treats!

Chocolate "dust" exploding out of jar

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