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The Elusive 85% cacao

The Elusive 85% cacao


Attention this one’s for everybody newcomers and regulars too, we’re here to let you in on a little secret

At ChocoVivo there’s an enigma of a chocolate: The elusive 85% cacao.

Whispered about among staff and the most regular of regular customers.

The 85% cacao is for the purist who doesn’t want the thick consistency of the 100% or the “sweetness” of the 75%. Whether you do or don’t like labels the 85% cacao is perfect  for those who like it dark but drinkable.

You won’t see it on our menu year round or even at all, when ordering simply ask for 85% in any of our drinks.

But be quick the 85% cacao is a seasonal chocolate offered only when producible.

So if you’re a purist (individuals who like their chocolates dark and natural) be sure to try our 85% in one of our house name drinks. Hurry up before it’s gone!

See you at ChocoVivo!

Pouring creamy drinking chocolate from a stainless pitcher into ceramic cup

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