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5 must try items at ChocoVivo

5 must try items at ChocoVivo

If you have or have never entered the door of ChocoVivo the menu can be difficult to sort out both for newcomers and for second timers. So we’ve prepared a list of must try items at ChocoVivo to make your first or second trip easy.

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Made by taking one to three scoops of ice cream, of which we offer various flavors from salt and straw, and pouring your choice of our delicious hot chocolates over it, topped off with grated chocolate nibs. Our “Frozen Hot Chocolate” is a tasty dessert that anyone can enjoy.

2. Full Flight Chocolate Tasting 

At ChocoVivo we offer a range of different chocolates of which can be consumed and tasted in small squares. A full chocolate flight gives visitors the opportunity to try every chocolate we have to offer in a small non punishing way. Served to you from most bitter to least our Chocolate Tasting is a perfect for first timers and a common choice for those returning. Happy Tasting!

3. Sipping Chocolate

A more direct root to chocolate milks and cacao drinks the sipping chocolate is an early European take on the cacao bean. With a thicker consistency and more chocolate than milk a sipping chocolate is for the true chocolate lover. The “Sipping Chocolate” provides individuals a more direct intake of liquid chocolate and can be had with any of our chocolates from “100%” to “Coffee and Vanilla”. Be sure to try one!

4. Cacao Mylk

Stored in our fridge our in house curated Cacao Mylks are not your typical store bought Chocolate Milks. Made with care and precision, the Cacao Mylk is for those that prefer real chocolate over the brown jugs sold at the supermarket. Be sure to try them they come in 3 different flavors and are great for the chocolate lover on the go. Be sure to grab one before work!

5. Candied Cacao Beans


A customer favorite and popular snack, our candied cacao beans are great for those of you who’d like a little ChocoVivo in your lunchbox or handbag. Delicious to bite on and a great sharing item. Our Candied Cacao Bites aren’t just a customer favorite but a staff favorite too.


Be sure to try the listed items you won’t regret it! See you at ChocoVivo!


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