[Sweepstakes] Holiday Gift Set Giveaway

[Sweepstakes] Holiday Gift Set Giveaway

Posted by Laura Beatty on

Brace Yourself, Holiday Gift Kits Are Coming.  

We are so excited to bring you the holiday gift kits that we've been planning all summer long. These gift kits help bring the ChocoVivo experience to you. We make holiday memories special with this gourmet treat that will delight any chocolate lover. 

We will be unveiling THREE new holiday kits, and all of them have limited quantities.  You won't want to miss it, so we're giving you a chance to win your own holiday chocolate gift when you enter our sweepstakes.  See the sweepstakes details below. 


Grand Prize: Chocolate Holiday Kit
Letisha from Brentwood, NY

Runners Up: $15 ChocoVivo Gift Card
Mike from Spring Hill, FL
Sheryl from Garner, NC
Renee from Sylacauga, AL
Sharon from Tulsa, OK
Jan from Saint John, IN

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  • Thank you

    Kim Hanson on
  • I love good chocolate! Brings me close to my deceased dad!"

    Esther M. Brown on
  • Love this choclate. It just melts in your mouth

    Joyce Guiliano on
  • I 💘 eating all natural

    Diane mina on
  • Thank you in advance!!

    Mercy on
  • Im excited to win

    Dawn Tryba on
  • Your Chocolate looks delicious

    Pauline Brown on
  • I like your candy look good the way you make them pack them to keep up the good work

    Laura Roy on
  • Very interesting video, would love to try it. Can you order some??

    Laurie Bottles on
  • Very interesting, would love to try some

    Laurie Bottles on

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