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Our Favorite Healthy Chocolate Baking Recipes for the Holidays

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Our Favorite Healthy Chocolate Baking Recipes for the Holidays

We are already thinking ahead to the exciting holiday season.  We're excited to get into cooler weather and start baking our hearts out from home.  There's nothing more comforting that warm fresh, baked goods, and we can all use some extra comfort right now.  That's why we're thinking ahead and planning out our favorite recipes to keep us comforted, but not uncomfortable.  We want our cake and to eat it, too, so we have HEALTHY chocolate recipes that our team is baking and enjoying from our homes this fall.  Take a look at our list. 

Easy Treat: Paleo Chocolate Chunk Recipe

What it is: It's a delicious way to get a melt in your mouth snack on the go.  Think of them as your family-friendly, no-fuss, less processed "paleo fudge". 

Who made it: This delicious recipe was developed by Rachel at Baketeria.  https://www.bakerita.com/paleo-chocolate-chunks/ 

When to use it: Great for a snack, as mentioned, or as a way to swap out chocolate chips or chunks in your other recipes (like paleo cannolis!)

Italian Holiday Favorite: Paleo Cannoli Dip

What it is: It's a Italian holiday favorite, and it is a must-have for many families.  Luckily, the ricotta treat can be made very low-carb and keto friendly.  It's 4 ingredients, so it's quick and easy. 

Who made it: Cat at My Crash Test Life.  https://mycrashtestlife.com/2019/05/25/4-ingredient-cannoli-dip-low-carb-keto/ 

When to use it: To finish off the perfect Italian-style family dinner.  

For Nutty Cravings: Paleo Almond Butter Bars

What it is: a 4 ingredient chocolate square that is a great replacement for people who love chocolate peanut butter cups. 

Who made it.   Demeter at Beaming Baker.  https://beamingbaker.com/no-bake-paleo-chocolate-almond-butter-bars-4-ingredient-vegan-gluten-free-paleo-dairy-free/ 

When to use it: If you're dealing with a lot of food sensitivities and requirements this recipe is paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy-free, and doesn't use any processed sugars.  It does, of course, use nuts, so avoid in the case of nut allergies. 

No Bake? No Problem. Whole 30 Chocolate Energy Balls

What it is: Not all chocolate has to be for desert. Functional chocolate is when you are eating chocolate for it's health benefits; and these energy balls will get you in the holiday spirit without slowing you down with all of the unhealthy bits.  

Who made it: This killer recipe is from Arman Liew from The Big Man's World.  https://thebigmansworld.com/no-bake-whole30-energy-balls-paleo-keto/ 

When to use it: When you are getting ramped up for things and want to indulge with something that will propel you forward instead of setting you back.  Great for Keto, Paleo and Whole30 diets. 

What Are Your Favorite Healthy Chocolate Recipes?

We hope we showed how easy you can have a chocolate treat without getting off track and enjoy the holiday baking traditions that you've enjoyed with families while making them your own.  We are so grateful for family, friends, and food that brings us together and we can't wait to commune around the table with our loved ones in the near future. 

It's a great time to stock up on your supplies, so shop our holiday baking supply sale with select items up to 20% off until 11:59 Pacific Time on September 28.  See all of our bulk cacao and baking chocolates and add some organic single-origin ChocoVivo cacao to your pantry today! 


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