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Know Your Cacao: A Beginner's Guide

Know Your Cacao: A Beginner's Guide

When we hear the word cacao, we think chocolate. Which is true, chocolate derives from cacao but serves as so much more than just a key ingredient to one of our favorite treats. 

The number of benefits that cacao has is endless: from serving as a natural energy booster to reducing heart disease! Amazing! 

Cacao can be consumed as more than just a chocolate bar. It can be digested as a drink, used as an ingredient for healthy meals and snacks, or even on its own as nibs! 

At ChocoVivo, our cacao is minimally fermented to keep the high levels of antioxidants and minerals true to how mother nature intended. Our minimally roasted cacao is brought straight from our plantation in Tabasco, Mexico to the shop where we stone grind it into chocolate bars and melt it into our delicious drinks. 

Cacao is medicinal and beneficial to our health. FIVE of the best advantages we gain by intaking cacao are:

  1. A small daily dose of cacao can lower your blood pressure naturally.
  2. Protect your heart. Cacao improves blood circulation that decreases your chances of a stroke.
  3. Better your digestive system: raw cacao contains fiber that stimulates our digestive enzymes.
  4. The sulfur in cacao can make our hair shinier and nails stronger.
  5. Cacao contains anandamide - the bliss molecule due to improving your mood and creating a sense of euphoria.

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