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New Journal

New Journal

New Chocolate Journey

by Patricia Tsai

If you've read my posts from the old website, you'll see some new changes here.  The evolution of the business has morphed into many things, but it's still true to what I envisioned.  The 1st half of my journey was head down and Just Do It.  As old as the adage of the Nike saying is, It's true.  Now 6 years later, I look up & Breathe.  Life goes by too fast.  There's been much self-reflection on my part.  NY Times recently did an article on the End of Reflection.  We move so fast in life and forget to look up, smile, and look out to realize the world is much bigger than our microcosm.  We've lost the patience and grace to move thru life like a wave and to feel, be transparent, and honest with our feelings and emotions.  Bruce Lee said, the hardest part is being true to oneself.  I woke up.  Thru doctors (east & west), I'm self-aware of my body, my mind, and my soul.  Chakra, Energy, Kundalini was all so foreign to me.  Call it the power of Cacao or just my journey in life, I'm more awake of my being and what I've created.

Building ChocoVivo has been a true literal sense.  I LIVE chocolate.  Every waking moment, breath, and movement has been to define, nurture, and spread the message.  Understanding the intricacies of starting a business from scratch with little start-up capital except my sweat, tears, and perseverance.  Lebron said the weight was heavy on his shoulders for Cleveland.  The weight was heavy for me.  Could be my Tiger Parents, my Wharton friends who asked if I was still working on my "chocolate idea", or/and my own limits of what I could do.  Years later, I can sit back and say, "I chose the path not traveled. "  And it's exciting.  Exhausting.  But exciting.  I'm so grateful that I can create and be a catalyst for change.  I can go on and philosophize, but the journey continues.  I still see the fork in the road.  The path that Robert Frost mentions.  The momentum has shifted.  What that looks like I don't know, but Starbucks, here we come.   

You'll be seeing posts from others and from myself.  Snippets of Self Reflection that I hope you can use in your own life.  Or at least you can live thru me.  The Oracle (she really does look like Whoopi in The Matrix) says that we won't remember our life as what we are in human form after we die.  So hopefully you'll enjoy the chocolate journey with me while we all can still Breathe, Hug, and be Thankful that I have YOU out there.  Whoever you are, I'm hoping that you can gain something out of what I write type here.  Live The Chocolate Journey.  

I'm no longer following the East Wind, but still looking for my Johnny Depp.   


Raw Cacao and Cacao Pod

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