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ChocoVivo and Cacao Nibs

ChocoVivo and Cacao Nibs

ChocoVivo and cacao nibs have a pretty serious relationship. They are an essential part of our company and that is why we use minimum fermentation and keep it as natural as it gets.

Our plantation is located in Tabasco, Mexico where we’ve strived to build a strong partnership with our grower. On Meet the Grower Night, you also have the opportunity to meet our grower, Vicente from the Jesus Maria plantation.

 When the cacao nibs are brought to ChocoVivo from Vicente’s plantation, we carefully sift through them before we begin to use them for production.

Cacao nibs are a beautiful color and have a strong cacao scent.  After we’ve unpackaged and sifted through them, we begin the process of stone grinding them with other natural ingredients to create our dark chocolate bars! Cacao possesses much value as it was used as a form of currency between the Aztecs and the Mayans. Although it is no longer a barter currency today, it still carries the same value to us.

With cacao and cacao nibs, we make our bars, drinks, apothecary products, pastries and more!

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