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ChocoVivo Chocolate Bars Ranked

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6. Cherries + Almonds

Cherries, Almonds and Black Peppercorn Chocolate Bar

It’s like a trail mix inside chocolate.  The black peppercorns are stone ground into the chocolate and helps to accentuate the chunks of cherries and give it a nice minty taste. A good one but not the best the Cherries + Almonds Bar is perfect for those of you who like chocolate but also like fruit.


Shangri-la black sesame and goji berry dark chocolate bar

The toasted black sesame in this blend give the chocolate a nice toasty flavor with chewy bits of goji berries. Black Sesame is full of magnesium and goji berries are full of antioxidants just like cacao. A favorite for the name and the taste Shangri-La is a must try at Chocovivo

4. Coffee + Vanilla

Coffee and Vanilla Chocolate Bar

We take real espresso coffee beans and vanilla bean pods (the whole pod and little beans) and grind it together with our cacao nibs and unrefined cane sugar.  It’s calling out to the chocolate and coffee lover. A perfect way to start your morning and a favorite in our drinks the coffee and vanilla bar is a great way to start your day.

3. Mayan Tradition

Mayan Tradition Chocolate Bar

This is one of the most popular blends.  If you think you know what spicy chili and chocolate tastes like, you haven’t tasted this. The most popular but not the most recommended Mayan Tradition is a  regular for regulars and a top choice for newbies to be sure to grab one

2. 100% Cacao Bar

100% Cacao chocolate bar

Not for the faint of heart. Pure cacao doesn’t contain any sugar and this will definitely keep you going through the day. A bar for the purists and for those who should really just try what REAL chocolate tastes like the 100% cacao bar is perfect for those who enjoy eating chocolate and those who should truly just try it.

1. 75% Cacao Bar

75% Cacao chocolate bar

A healthy mid between dark and light the 75% the middle of the road for most people and great balance between the bitterness and sweetness of the chocolate. And our most recommended for its benefits for the heart and a great start to your day the 75% is our lucky winner.


Be sure to pick up any of our bars, if you want to try all of our chocolates without breaking the bank be sure to drop in for a chocolate tasting, we’ll see you at Chocovivo!


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