How to enjoy a proper chocolate tasting at ChocoVivo

How to enjoy a proper chocolate tasting at ChocoVivo

One of our most popular and convenient ways to enjoy the ChocoVivo experience is the Chocolate Tasting. Available in 3 different options, our chocolate tastings provide visitors an affordable non punishing way to enjoy every chocolate we offer. Our tastings come in 3 choices: 3 chocolates for $3, 6 chocolates for $5, and all the chocolates (13) for $10. We recommend the full flight for the full experience. From the most bitter 100% to the least Coffee and Vanilla, we recommend you eat bitter to sweet which is less harmful and restorative to the palate. During our full flight you’ll try our:

1. 100% cacao

2. 85% cacao

3. Mexican Vanilla Bean + Black Salt

4. 75% cacao

5. 65% cacao

6. Almonds + Sea Salt cacao

7. Macadamia + Coconut Cacao

8. Hazelnut + Sea Salt cacao

9. Surprise cacao

10. Shangri-la cacao

11. Cherries + Almonds + Peppercorns cacao 

12. Mayan Tradition cacao

13. Coffee + Vanilla Bean cacao

Happy Tasting! See you at ChocoVivo

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