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Breakfast at ChocoVivo: Coffee & Cacao: Our Best Cacao and Coffee Drinks for Your Morning

Breakfast at ChocoVivo: Coffee & Cacao: Our Best Cacao and Coffee Drinks for Your Morning

A little known fact about chocolate, 1 oz of dark chocolate contains 12 mg of caffeine, making it a great ingredient to start your day with. At ChocoVivo we’re known for our superb chocolates but we also make a mean coffee, and when we combine the two you’re in for a morning of energy, alertness, and best of all chocolate! We offer lots of different options for those who like their coffee but like their cacao too. Here’s just a short list of the best of both worlds for a perfect morning of chocolate and coffee:

1.Mocha hot or iced

A regular favorite the Chocolate Mocha is one of our superb in house hot chocolates with two shots of espresso added. It can be made hot or poured over ice for a hot or cold, but definitely chocolatey start to your morning.

2. Mocha Cacao Mylk

Bottle of Mocha Cacao Mylk

Stocked in our fridge our mocha cacao mylk is a great start to anyone’s day. Containing, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, coffee beans, and coconut sugar, dairy and soy free, it like all our items is as much healthy as it is delicious. It comes in two sizes the small 8 oz and large 12 oz and is a great option for your morning refresher.

3.CBD 85 mg Mocha Cacao Mylk

Bottle of CBD 85 mg Mocha Cacao Mylk

Also stocked in our fridge and very popular is our “CBD Mocha Cacao Mylk”. It’s ingredients mirror that of the mocha cacao mylk withhold the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. A marvelous start to your day the CBD helps with aches and pains and makes for a more pain free relaxing start to your day.

4.Cacao shell tea


 And for those of you who prefer tea to coffee to start your day we also offer “Cacao Shell Tea” made by brewing cacao shells, our Cacao Shell Tea is a good alternative for our coffee drinkers and a great option for those who simply prefer tea.

We'll see you at ChocoVivo!

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