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The white film represents the cacao butter crystals and sugar crystals rising to the top. Because we do not temper the chocolate, this occurs naturally. It is completely safe and definitely don’t throw it away. If it bothers you, melt the chocolate on a piece of bread and the white film will go away.

The chocolate comes in bar form or powder form. The bars come in 1.75 oz with either one 3X5 rectangle or several pieces. The chocolate is cut by hand rather than using chocolate molds. The powders are 9 oz.

Yes, the beans are certified organic!

All of our chocolate is dark chocolate. We do not add milk powder or any soy lecithin. Simple is Better!

No. Compared to tea and coffee, chocolate has the least amount of caffeine.

No. We roast the beans. We can customize a raw product for you with a minimum purchase of 5 pounds.

The chocolate will last for over 1 year as the cacao butter will start to turn rancid. However, since we do not temper or conch the chocolate, put it in the refrigerator for freshness if not eaten within 2 or 3 weeks after purchase.

Drink – Eat – Bake. You can eat it, bake with it or melt it down into a drinking chocolate. Check our blog for a brownie recipe made by a chef. We supply our chocolate to pastry chefs and they love the intensity it brings out in their desserts. But don’t just use it for desserts! Use it in a chili sauce or as a spice rub, or top it over some cheese with some bread to serve as dessert tapas. With our chocolate there’s no limit to what you can do.

Yes. We take the bar and grind it into a powder.

Some people like the powder form because it melts faster and is easier to measure. If you’re used to eating a chocolate bar, the bar form is the way to go. If you want to sprinkle it on top of yogurt or put it into your special sauce, then powder form makes it easier.

It’s pretty simple. This is not the powder stuff that comes in packets where you add some hot liquid. Because the chocolate is stone ground it is recommended that milk be heated and mixed thoroughly with the chocolate.

Hot Drink: Heat 3 to 4 Tbsp of chocolate powder with 3/4 cup of milk in a pot over low/med heat. Stir or whisk until mixture is well blended. (5 min) Drink should be a med brown color when ready.

Cold Drink: Start with 3/4 cup of milk and pour about 1/3 milk in a small pot with 3 Tbsp of chocolate. Heat over low/med heat until melted. (3 min) Pour mixture in cup with rest of cold milk. Refrigerate or add ice.

Add less milk or add more powder to your desired consistency. If you want to make a syrup to drizzle over pancakes, just melt down 3 Tablespoons of milk with 3 Tablespoon of ChocoVivo chocolate over low heat. Mix thoroughly and you’ll have a nice thick chocolate sauce.

Not at all! You can use almond, oat, hazelnut or water. The chocolate is dairy-free. If you like a bitter strong taste (similar to coffee), water is the way to go.

Yes. This is unrefined chocolate so it doesn’t completely get blended together like instant powders. Take a spoon and eat it, because it’s pure ground cacao and good for you!

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of chocolate. If there are any issues with your order, please contact us, we will do our best to help. Email customer support at info@chocovivo.com or call us at 310-845-6259 for assistance.

We certainly hope that we can get a group to visit the plantation. If you want to be notified of a future trip to the plantation in Tabasco, please e-mail us at info@chocovivo.com. In the subject put: I wanna go to the plantation in Tabasco!