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Heart Opening with Community and Cacao : April 27, Friday

Heart Opening with Community and Cacao : April 27, Friday


After a busy work week, we need a moment of silence.  What better way than to be with like-minded people in a Chocolate Temple!  Led by Doreen Rivera of The Bodyful Mind and Patricia Tsai of ChocoVivo.  

$5. Space will be limited.  Must have tickets to enter.  

Purchase tickets HERE.  

Doreen Rivera is known as the “Godmother of Stretch" who has honed her gift as a teacher, mentor, and spirit-mother. Her focus is to assist us in illuminating our path to heal our wounds and experience a Phoenix-like transformation.  Join us for a time to be inspired by her gift, which reflects our individual gifts. This self-recognition gives us permission to be true to ourselves, to listen to the song of our soul so that we can vibrate at a frequency of authenticity and transparency.  





Details of the event below:  

What time does it start?  Actual ceremony start time:  7:00 PM  

When does it end?  Approximately 7:30 to 7:45 PM

What happens afterwards?  Tamales, Music, Chocolate & Jewelry trunk show!

What will we be doing during the Meditation time?  Moment to gather as a community and quiet our chatter minds.  To trust each other with no judgement.  It's a time to embrace the beautiful soul in all of us with a mini cacao ceremony.  

Who can come?  Anyone!  Male or Female.  Don't be afraid to come by yourself!  

Will there be food?  Tamales will be available and regular cafe menu available to order.  

What else?  Beautiful artisanal jewelry from Susan Grace Designs. Susan is the former designer for Desperate Housewives! 

Laugh and Smile and be with Chocolate!  

Cost of items after the ceremony such as tamales, jewelry, hot chocolate, etc will be charged at time of sale.