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Dark Chocolate and Love 5

Dark Chocolate and Love 5 "lovely" properties of Dark Chocolate

1.Dark Chocolate the “Love Drug”

Eating Dark Chocolate releases Phenylethylamine and Serotonin. The chemical Phenylethylamine a chemical much like amphetamine is released in the brain when individuals feel love. The release of which is helped along by Serotonin, the combination of the increased levels of these chemicals induce feelings of love.

2. Dark Chocolate the Heart Opener

Cacao was used by the Maya as a “Heart Opening” agent during Cacao Ceremonies. A ceremony in which a Shaman would by the use of Cacao Drink prepare warriors for battle or assist in paving the way towards a physical or emotional journey. Luckily we hold Cacao Ceremonies on the last Friday of every month sign up here!

3. Dark Chocolate the Mood Lifter


Dark Chocolate releases Endorphins in the brain that are known to decrease levels of stress anxiety and pain, making chocolate a great way to start your day! Our signature Cacao Mylks are packed with the super food and are a great way to get your daily dose of chocolate in a both nutritious and delicious way.

4. Dark Chocolate the Stimulant

Take a cup of coffee for your morning, well think again. Dark Chocolate contains Theobromine a chemical cousin to Caffeine but a far healthier option, Theobromine gives the same boosted feel of consuming Caffeine. There’s 250 milligrams of Theobromine in a 50 gram bar of dark chocolate and ALL our chocolate is dark.

5. Dark Chocolate is actually good for your heart!

Dark Chocolate contains Flavonoids a group of Phytochemicals that like antioxidants help fight heart disease and other ailments affecting the heart. And get this Dark Chocolate contains more Flavonoids than apples, apricots, grapes, tea, legumes and more! Check out our "Dark Chocolate covered Cacao Beans" if you break one open and see it's purple inside as proof of it's Flavanoids!

Make sure to grab you a "Mood Lifter", "Heart Opener", "Love Drug" Superfood!

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