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Hemp Cacao Butter

Hemp Cacao Butter

Hemp, what's the hype?

 Our hemp cacao butter is a great snack option for those who want the protein and smoothness of nut butter, but without nuts. While we like to think of it as a nut milk or nut allergy alternative, hemp has numerous benefits beyond that. For some cultures it has been a diet staple for centuries, using both the seeds and oil as a dietary supplement to aid in digestion, provide essential nutrition, and even alleviate symptoms associated with PMS!  

To make our butters, we grind raw cacao nibs in with the hemp seeds, so you're getting the real deal. No powders, no filler oils. Just nibs, hemp seeds, and a bit of organic cane sugar. If you need some convincing to try this flavor, see the benefits below. 

Health Benefits of Hemp: 

  • With 20 amino acids, hemp seeds are one of the few plant-based complete proteins
  • Rich in essential fatty acids, including Omega’s 3, and 6
  • High amounts of Vitamin E
  • High in fiber

ChocoVivo Hemp Sampler 

At ChocoVivo we incorporate hemp into more than just our butters. We have a hemp milk option for hot chocolates, as well as a seasonal bar: Pineapple, Hemp and Coconut. If you're not familiar with the flavor, come in and ask for our Hemp Sampler! 

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