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Health Benefits of Cacao Almond Butter

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What is your deserted island food?

Do you remember this road trip game? The scenario: you are sent to a deserted island and you can only bring ONE food item, what would it be? My go to answer for this has ALWAYS been a chocolate peanut butter cup. Since I was young I would rationalize to my friends, “well, the chocolate would give me some energy, the peanut butter some protein.” It sounds legit enough, right?

Cacao Confusion:

Twenty years ago, the option I was vehemently defending would have been a Reese’s. I am well aware now, that taking candy as my only food source sounds great when you are five, but completely ridiculous in 2017. While there are many options today on the market considered “healthy” combos of nut butter and chocolate, many of them are no better than a Reese’s when it comes to added sugars, mystery oils, and lack of nutritional substance. 


Nutella not only has palm oil, which studies find could raise inflammation, but 23 grams of sugar per serving! Look into "healthy" variations out there and you'll notice few stray from this formula. 

Why is it that two foods, with proven health benefits, nuts and cacao often end up in a slurry of additives? Lets review for a second… 


Cacao Benefits: 

  •  Vitamins: A, B, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C, D, E 
  • Minerals: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc
  • Antioxidants: twice the amount of red wine 
  • Lowers cortisol and increases serotonin 
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases blood flow to the brain increasing cognitive functioning, focus

Almond Benefits:

  • Vegan protein source
  • Lowers LDL, bad cholesterol
  •  Positively affects insulin sensitivity 


 Cacao Almond Butter: Best of Both Worlds 

Much to the delight of my inner child, it is very possible to combine these two ingredients in a simple way, and we do it at ChocoVivo. In our Almond Butter, the only ingredients are Raw Cacao Nibs, Almonds, and Organic Cane Sugar. That’s it. With 5 grams of sugar per serving, this is a treat you can justify and enjoy.

Due to the natural oils, our butters are very similar to the all-natural nut butters you purchase at the grocery. They will separate, so you’ll need to stir, or warm up before using. They can be stored for up to six months at room temperature, but if you are like me, they won’t last that long!

There is no reason to cut out the delicious duo of chocolate and nuts. In their purest form, they can sustain you when you need an energy fix, post workout, or between meals.


Stay tuned for more ChocoVivo Combos

In the next few blog posts, I’ll be highlighting the ingredients of all of our nut butters, convenient ways to use them and recipes. Plus, a preview of new products we will be launching soon! 


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