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Chocolate Fat Water

Chocolate Fat Water


Fat Water: What is it?

Anyone familiar with the Bulletproof Coffee craze may have heard of Fat Water. Originally Fat Water was just water with MCT oil, but slowly over the past few years more and more beverages contain healthy fats such as MCT oil, coconut cream, or ghee. Those who grew up avoiding fat may be leery, where did all of this come from anyway?

While embracing full-fat beverages is new, the idea of drinking fat is not. In fact, the origins of Bulletproof Coffee are traced back to Tibetan Yak Tea. Yak Tea is a smoky, bitter, and very strong combination of tea mixed with salt and yak butter. To learn more about the health benefits and history behind Tibetan Tea click here.


ChocoVivo Cacao Fat Water

Tibetans may receive all the credit for fatty beverages, but Mayans also had their own version: drinking chocolate! The earliest accounts of prehispanic drinking chocolate were a bitter combination of 100% cacao and water. The resulting mixture was a hot, fatty drink that provided sustained energy for Mayan fighters, shamans, and royalty. Drinking chocolate works in a similar way as Bulletproof Coffee. When energy-providing Theobromine attaches to the fat of cacao oil, it creates an even and sustained energy rush without the crash of traditional caffeine!

We’ve tapped into the ancient power of drinking chocolate in our latest creation Cacao Fat Water. This drink is similar to our Cacao Mate Tea in taste, with the added benefit of cacao oil. Cacao oil is very similar in consistency, taste, and composition of coconut oil. The cacao oil is barely perceptible in this cool and refreshing beverage. Enjoy this tea alone or with an Unsweetened Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Pouch for added energy!  We also have this sweetened and steeped with our Hoja Santa Herb for a Root Beer Fat Water!  


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