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A Beginners Guide to ChocoVivo

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If you’ve ever been to ChocoVivo you may know that the menu is a little tricky to sort out and finding what you’ll like and what you’ll love takes two or more trips to the store to know for certain. We know you’re busy so we’ve put together this post to help you find that favorite menu item or bar on your first try!


The fridge

When you first enter ChocoVivo you’ll see our fridge. Our fridge is stocked with ChocoVivo’s “grab-and-go’s”. Inside you’ll find our famous Cacao Mylks a chilled version of our Hot Chocolates always ready to grab in your favorite flavors the Mayan 100% and Coffee Vanilla. The fridge also holds our renowned CBD cacao mylks in Mayan Tradition, Coffee Vanilla and 100%. Our Brownies: both Gluten free and Vegan as well as any seasonal options such as this summer’s Hazelnut Tortes. You’ll also find our Quinoa Krispies and Cacao Butter Pouches. In the fridge you can also find Sparkling water and VOSS water.

The Shelf

On the left of the fridge lies the glorious Chocolate Shelf. Along with our limited edition items you’ll see our regulars such as the Pure Bars 65% to 100% and the Blended Bars: Coffee + Vanilla, Shangri-la, Mayan Tradition, and more. You’ll also see our jarred Cacao Butters Hazelnut, Pecan, Almond, Pistachio all in sweetened and unsweetened versions. Towards the bottom shelf you’ll see our Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans and Nibs in Cacao ranging from 60% to 80%.


Next to the shelf you’ll see our many options for apothecary. Stacked with Cacao Body and Hair Oils and Bitters this is a section you surely won’t want to miss.

The Bookcase

Adjacent to the shelf is the Bookcase a relatively new edition which holds an array of different books we have at the moment. Always changing our bookshelf holds books both related and unrelated to cacao. Ranging from YOGA photobooks to Cacao Expert book editions.

The Menus

Main Menu

  1. The first section of our menu holds our list of drinks. In a three step process you’ll choose your drink style, then your liquid: organic whole milk, nut milk, and seasonal milk. Last but certainly not least you’ll choose your chocolate. All of our chocolate is made in house we even know our grower ranging from the sweetest Coffee and Vanilla to the purist 100% your chocolate choice for your drink will truly tell which becomes your favorite so be wise!
  2. Under the drink section is our dessert menu here you’ll find great options with cookies, ice cream, pie and more. Note many of our deserts take a moment to prepare so be prepared to wait up to 10 minutes for any ordered specialty desserts.
  3. Coffee. While our specialty is Chocolate we do also serve a mean coffee next to the dessert section you’ll see our different coffee options for those of you who like a little coffee as an option.

Tasting Menu
Our chocolate tastings are more of an experience than a to go option and more than your standard after dinner dessert. Read more about the newbie and regular fave.


Ice Cream Menu

We carry several delicious ice cream options from Salt and Straw our sizes come in a Standard scoop for $5, a Big Scoop for $6, 3 flavors 3 scoops for $9 you can also add a cone for $0.75. Want a whole pint? We pack em' fresh!

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