Custom Mexican Chocolate Grinds - Bean to Bar Magic!

Custom stone grinding wheel for making bean to bar chocolate at our chocolate factory


So you think you want to increase the cacao % on the Mayan chocolate, maybe you have a special spice you want to use or you think you have a great combination of ingredients that would be your perfect chocolate bar ever?

Let us customize the perfect blend and stone grind a special batch of chocolate bars for you.

How it works:

1.  We work with you to determine what kind of ingredients you want in your grind.  All ingredients need to be dry.

2. You tell us how you want them packaged: what kind of paper, how many ounces in each bar, you want a ribbon or skip the frilly stuff, the name of your special bar “Pepe’s Blend”, “Little Oompas Made This Batch For You”.

3.  You give us 3 weeks to work out the details with you.

4.  We deliver your special order.

Minimum grinds are 3 pounds which makes about 17 bars of the regular 2.6 ounce bars that you buy on our site.  We can go smaller or larger depending on your specifics.

Great as corporate gifts, party favors, christmas gifts, or baby showers.  Give the gift of something edible and customized just for you!  We also create team building exercises for your corporate events or can create a Chocolate Bar.

For more information please contact: or call us at (310) 845-6259.