Unsweetened Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Unsweetened Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

No, this is not Nutella, but better than Nutella.   We get our hazelnuts from a small farm in Oregon called Freddy Guys.  Barbara is the farmer, and she’s a sweet gal.  They have been freshly harvested and have not been sitting in storage.  We lightly roast them and stone ground them with our cacao nibs.  That's it!  Not too bitter at all.  You'll ask us if it has a hint of sugar and it really doesn't.  

Hazelnuts have a distinct flavor and tend to bring out the chocolate.  There’s more natural fat in hazelnuts compared to other nuts like almonds so you have a creamier texture.  These fly off the shelf in our store.

Your jar of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter will naturally firm up after a few days, because we do not add additional oils like palm fruit oil or additional cacao butter. 

To remelt the product, put it in the sun or take the lid off and microwave for 20 – 30 seconds.  Stir it up and your butter will stay creamy for about 5 days.  Bon Appetit!

Bean Type: Trinitario
Bean Origin: Tabasco, MX
Cacao Percentage: < 20% Cacao
Cacao-Sugar Ratio: < 20% Cacao
Ingredients: Unpasteurized Hazelnuts, Cacao Nibs
Flavor Notes: Complexity from the hazelnuts and a bit more buttery.
Fermentation: < 3 days
Suggested Uses: Spread over toast, pour over vanilla bean ice cream, popcorn, or just take a spoonful and eat it!