Unsweetened Chocolate Black Sesame Butter

Unsweetened Chocolate Black Sesame Butter

 * Limited Edition *

Unsweetened Black Sesame Butter Ingredients:  Black Sesame, Cacao Nibs. 

Most Black Sesame Butters have soybean oil to thin it out, but we are purists and like to keep our ingredients clean. Our black sesame butter has a toasted black sesame flavor that the true black sesame fan will enjoy!  It is much thicker than a nut butter so you can always add your favorite oil like an olive oil or avocado oil.  Make this your morning breakfast by simply adding a little bit of hot water and dried fruit!  Please read below for instructions on storage.  

Unsweetened Chocolate Black Sesame Butter will naturally firm up and separate after a few days, because we do NOT add any additional oils such as palm fruit oil or cacao butter.  Hardening is completely natural and there is an easy fix! Warm up your jar in the microwave for 20 seconds, stir and enjoy. For the Cacao Butter Packets, it’s just as easy. When you’re ready to eat, just gently knead the packet for a few seconds to warm up, then enjoy!

Bean Type: Trinitario
Bean Origin: Tabasco, MX
Cacao Percentage: < 20% Cacao
Cacao-Sugar Ratio: < 20% Cacao

Fermentation: < 3 days
Suggested Uses: Spread over toast, pour over vanilla bean ice cream, popcorn, or just take a spoonful and eat it!