Stacks of Chocolate Tortillas made with Masa
Stacks of Chocolate Tortillas made with Masa
chocolate tortilla taco with blue heirloom corn
chocolate tortillas using blue heirloom corn
chocolate tortillas using blue heirloom corn
Stacks of Chocolate Tortillas made with Masa

Nixtamal Chocolate Tortillas

Using the traditional process of breaking down corn, called nixtamalization, we started with Heirloom corn from Oaxaca and Michoacán, Mexico and stone ground it to make a wonderful flavorful masa.  We then mixed in our stone ground chocolate.  The texture and beauty of these Nixtamal Chocolate Tortillas are spectacular!  The fat from the cacao lend a natural moist and soft texture to the masa.  It doesn't dry out as quickly as regular masa dough. 

Made with real cacao, our chocolate tortillas, impart a wonderful aroma unlike anything you will ever taste.  We've taken the two most nutrient dense and important food crops in the Mayan food world to make something that is truly one of a kind.  Real cacao and real heirloom (non-gmo) corn grown from the very soil that the Mayans grew their food.

Two of these tortillas will make you satisfied and happy!  Serve something different and special for the holidays this year!

If you would like to pre-order & pick up your tortillas, please indicate in checkout notes otherwise your tortillas will be shipped.

Ways to Enjoy:
1. Eat it as a snack!
2. Heat up and add some olive oil from our favorite olive oil company in Los Angeles, Buon Gusto, and sprinkle a dash of sea salt.
3. Use it like any tortilla for tacos and chicken and mole.
4. Make a chocolate enchilada. We recommed Cotija cheese. 
5. Make a Choco Taco by adding some Vanilla bean ice cream on top!

Choose between three flavors: 100% cacao (no sugar), 75% cacao, Mayan Tradition and which type of corn, white or blue.  Mayan is our favorite because the slight sweetness and cinnamon flavor shine thru the corn like a happy marriage! 

Texture of Corn:
White Olotillo - The natural oils in the Olotillo bring out a smoother tortilla in terms of taste.  In terms of texture, it is a bit more refined.  
Blue Bolita   - Earthy, delicate and less refined texture.  Similar to our stone ground chocolate.  Dense and chewy. 
Red Chalequeño - Earthy with a texture that is closer to the Blue Bolita.  The corn brings out a density to the tortilla to have a slightly chewy bite. Also, brings out the undertones of the cacao.  

Heating Instructions:  Turn your skillet to med high.  When the skillet is at temperature, lay your tortilla on the skillet.  Once you see the oils in the tortillas shining thru (approx 1 minute) , flip it to the other side and heat for another minute.  

Storage:  Store in freezer for up to 1 year.  They will keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.  The tortillas will stick together in the freezer so make sure to fully defrost them before heating them up and enjoying them.   

100% Cacao Chocolate Tortillas:  Heirloom corn, organic cacao nibs, sea salt
75% Cacao Chocolate Tortillas: Heirloom corn, organic cacao nibs, organic sugar, sea salt
Mayan Tradition Chocolate Tortillas: Heirloom corn, organic cacao nibs, organic sugar, almonds, ceylon cinnamon, chilies: pasilla negro, guajillo, chipotle, sea salt