Limited Edition Blend
Limited Edition Blend
Limited Edition Blend

Limited Edition Blend

Limited Edition Blends are made in smaller batches.  You can only get them at ChocoVivo.  We have a rotating monthly flavor so check out the flavor for this month under Surprise Me! The Surprise Me Flavors for each month are listed below.

Indonesian Vanilla Bean and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt 
Indonesian Vanilla Beans have a sweet and unique woody and smokey flavor. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt's natural mineral qualities give it a beautiful tint and added health benefits. Combined with natural stone ground cacao at 85%, this bar boasts an earthy and not-too-sweet flavor. Sprinkled with a touch more of the wonderful Pink Salt, this bar's sparkle is sure to make anyone's mouth water! 
Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Indonesian Vanilla Beans, Himalayan Pink Salt
Cacao %: 85%

Jesus Maria: Mexican Vanilla Bean and Black Sea Salt (Temporarily Sold Out)
Unlike our other vanilla bean infused flavors, this bar features smoky sweet pods harvested directly from the Jesus Maria Plantation in Tabasco, MX. Once a year, a small selection of vanilla bean is grown along side the cacao. The subtle sweetness of this 85% bar is accentuated with Black Sea salt. Tastes like the sweetness of our 75% Cacao bar due to the vanilla beans, but it’s 85%. A fan of extra dark? This is for you!
Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Mexican Vanilla Beans, Black Salt
Cacao %: 85%

Macadamia & Coconut
Inspired by Hawaii, this seasonal limited edition bar is the full tropical experience in every bite. The macadamia nuts are coming from San Diego from an ex-Marine turned Macadamia farmer. We take these nuts and grind them with the Cacao Nibs to create a buttery bar. We then top it with dried coconut (without sulfites). The Macadamia Nuts are sweeter than your traditional Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts. Try this and be transported to the Big Island!
Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Dried Coconut, Sea Salt
Cacao %: 69%

Hazelnuts & Sea Salt
One of our most popular flavors. This once rotating Flavor is now a permanent fixture! If you love the creaminess of our cacao butters, this is the bar form! We grind the roasted hazelnuts with cacao nibs, giving this bar a uniquely creamy and luxurious texture dark chocolatey texture.
Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Roasted Hazelnuts, Sea Salt
Cacao %: 69%



*Blueberries + Lavender -May/June*

Cacao%: 69%
Spring is almost here to wash away winter blues!  Our bar this month will make you feel refreshed!  We took local Lavender buds and ground them with our cacao nibs and sprinkled them with wild blueberries.  This bar is a fan favorite that has returned!  Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Lavender Buds, Sweetened Blueberries.

Past Flavors:

Lavender + Ginger +  Hibiscus 
Cacao%: 69%
Lavender continues!  We took more lavender buds and combined them with hibiscus and topped it with candied ginger.  Every bite will have a piece of ginger with a slightly sour note from the hibiscus.  Lavender helps reduce emotional stress, anxiety, improve sleep, reduce acne, and improve brain function.  Hibiscus, a reddish flower, aids in digestion and decreasing blood pressure.  Ginger, a rhizome which grows underground, contains Gingerol which is the main bioactive compound in ginger.  It's responsible for much of its medicinal properties and is anti-inflammatory.  This antioxidant bar will make you feel ever so young and strong so don't be afraid to pick this up today!  Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Lavender Buds, Hibiscus Flowers, Candied Ginger

Blood Orange + EVOO + Sea Salt 
Cacao%: 69%
We got the last of the California winter blood oranges and was able to make a batch of a Blood Orange bar.  Blood oranges were sliced and slowly dried to retain its natural sweetness.  We then ground this with our cacao nibs and drizzled extra virgin olive oil to give it a nice creaminess.  The last finishing touch is sea salt.  Float into a field of citrus and dark chocolate with this delectable bar!  Want a no-sugar version!  Click here!  Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Organic Blood Oranges, Organic Virgin OIive Oil, Sea Salt.  

Avocado Bar 
Cacao%: 69%
This bar is a summery bar with a hint of kalamansi limes ground into the chocolate.  We drizzled Avocado oil into the bar to give it a velvety texture combined with the signature stone ground taste of ChocoVivo bars.  Great with a Tequila-based cocktail or topped over a scoop of ice cream.  Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Organic Kalamansi Limes, Avocado Oil, Sea Salt.  

Fig & Almond & Cinnamon 
Cacao%: 69%
Fall is here!  This bar has a creamy texture due to the almonds being ground into the chocolate.  We also ground some Cassia Cinnamon and topped the bar with moist Calimyrna & Mission figs.  This is the perfect bar as we enter the fall season.  Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Dried Figs, Cassia Cinnamon, Sea Salt.
Bean Type: Trinitario *All Cacao Nibs are Certified Organic
Bean Origin: Tabasco, Mexico
Cacao Percentage: Various
Cacao-Sugar Ratio: Various – Typically above 65% Cacao
Ingredients: Cacao + Unrefined Cane Sugar + Other Surprise Ingredients
Fermentation: <3 days
Suggested Uses: Just Eat It!

Ginger + Vanilla 
Cacao%: 69%
We brought this back, because it was so popular and as the weather starts to cool, we need something to soothe those colds and allergies.  How we made the bar:  We took Mexican Vanilla beans from our farm and stone ground it with our organic cacao nibs. Grinding real vanilla bean pods with our nibs to give the bar an aromatic sweetness that only real Vanilla bean pods can do.  We topped the bar with candied ginger.    Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Sugar, Mexican Vanilla Beans, Candied Ginger.

Salted Butter Pecan 

Cacao%: 69%
Sweet salty and umami. The flavors in this bar will give you an exceptional smooth nutty taste. Great for these winter months where we just need a little pick me up.  Ingredients:  Cacao Nibs, Organic Brown Sugar, Pecan