85% Cacao Bar
85% Cacao Bar
85% Cacao Bar

85% Cacao Bar

With just 15% added cane sugar, you’ll notice less tannins and acid than the 100% but still a fairly strong blend.  Consider it the full-bodied wine of chocolate like a Bordeaux with a nice heavy finish and a tad of sweetness.

Bean Type: Trinitario
Bean Origin: Tabasco, Mexico
Cacao Percentage: 85% Cacao
Cacao-Sugar Ratio: 85% Cacao
Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Unrefined Cane Sugar
Flavor Notes: Bold, high tannins, and some earthiness
Fermentation: > 3 days
Suggested Uses: Sprinkle over yogurt, added to trail mix, steak rub (or try our pre-made steak rub!), favorite sauce (chili, spaghetti, mole), or use it in baking. Anything that calls for Dark or Bittersweet chocolate is the way to go!

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