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Here’s what others have said about ChocoVivo chocolate:

Re: Amazing Chocolate! After a week of slow savoring, I’ve just finished the bar of Mayan Tradition chocolate…….I never do this, but I loved the chocolate so much I wanted to send a personal note letting you know that I’m officially a fan. I love what you’re all about, your method and mantra, and have been raving about your delicious chocolate to family and friends. Best of luck with your business-you have a new fan and customer in me! – Michelle C.

Just bit into my cherries and almonds and black peppercorns chocovivo sample and it is oh-so-delicious! Heavenly is more like it! Wonderful product. – Lewis G.

…….thank you for the great tasting recipe you supplied with my last order of chocolate………We decided to do a Spanish dinner last night with friends…made our signature Spanish Paella, and then did a platter of your mixed chocolates, along with a thinly sliced french baguette, fig paste, Spanish Manchego cheese, and Tinto cheese, plus Marcona almonds and a 1985 Port.  It was absolutely fabulous and our friends loved it!!  So did we!! – Leslie P – customer that made the Chocolate + Cheese + Bread Recipe.

wow. being a cacao afficianada, i consume alot of chocolate. and as much as i love discovering neat flavors up here in san francisco, ginger, lavender, orange blends are becoming boring.  i bought 5 of your bars at the craft fair this past weekend and am in HEAVEN…totally knocking my socks off. especially the shangri la!! coffee and vanilla bean, (special blend) apricots pistachios and cardamon…Thank you for such a unique tasting and uber delicious bar!  took a bar to yoga class this morning, they are all converts ;)  – Kacey

Truly some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had, if not the best.    – Byron

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you today and to learning about ChocoVivo, your process and, of course, tasting your delicious products.  Your blog really made me smile as my husband just sold his small business and your trials and tribulations sounded so familiar.  From my Facebook page:  I’ve discovered the the best chocolate possibly in the whole universe – Karen W.

You gave me one of your (Shangri-La) samples at the show yesterday and it was awesome! I mean WOW! – Laura L. J.

Really amazing chocolate! – Christina

gave your chocolate as presents to my friends at my school……caused quite a stir as in ‘stir it up pretty darlinl’” (bob marley)…..everyone’s in love with it.  one of my favorite teachers is coming to market saturday to find your booth.  shes’s badly hooked.” – Morri, retired school teacher (as of this year!) from the Torrance Farmers Market.

The raw nibs are the best I’ve tasted, and I’ve tried ones from Whole Foods and Rawsome. They have a richness to them that makes them easier to eat. Since I started eating the nibs half a year ago, I have seen improvement in my vision, my digestion, and my energy level. I notice an immediate spike in my energy  after eating the nibs, which is especially welcome mid-afternoon. I eat the nibs in the morning with my supplements, because I have read they promote absorption of vitamins. “ – Jenny, Mar Vista Farmers Market.

I‘m the person that talked to you yesterday at the Culver City Farmers Market about just having had a “making chocolate from scratch” birthday party with very disappointing chocolate but a very nice teacher.  My daughter (year of the Rabbit too at 12!)was thrilled to get your chocolate as a birthday present yesterday – she kept saying this is the best chocolate in the  world! -  Michelle