5 Perks of Working at a Chocolate Factory

5 Perks of Working at a Chocolate Factory

Perk 1. Eating all the mistakes

We do our best to serve you the perfect drink which takes effort on our part great thing though the mistakes are delicious!

Perk 2. Getting to test all the new items on the menu

Oompa Loompas get to taste test all recipes before they go out to the public.

Perk 3. Learning how to make gorgeous drinks

Let’s be real our drinks are superb and the skill comes in handy during events or just a little fancy breakfast.

Perk 4. Meeting chocolate fanatics

ChocoVivo’s real chocolate brings in chocolate fanatics from all over to try chocolate from the small chocolate factory that’s making big moves.

Perk 5. Learning how good REAL chocolate actually tastes

We all love that classic milk chocolate but as we and  most of our customers say once you’ve tried our chocolate there’s no going back. There’s something about tasting the chocolate flavor that is in unprocessed rich cacao.

Stop on by and meet the Oompa Loompas! Tell us what your favorite part of visiting or being a regular at ChocoVivo is!!



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