5 chocolate experiences to try in LA

5 chocolate experiences to try in LA

1.Los Angeles Chocolate Tasting Tour

For chocolate lovers and great for date night, take a tour of LA’s best chocolate tastes and indulge in everyone’s favorite chocolate. For 3 hours and 69 a person try chocolate from different chocolatiers in the L.A. area including your truly ChocoVivo! Learn more here!

2. ChocoVivo’s Chocolate Tasting

If you’re looking for a great way to spend an evening that doesn’t take 3 hours and is great for date night families and friends alike come on over and try our Chocolate Tasting. From the most bitter 100% cacao to the least Coffee and Vanilla we’ll give you 13 chocolates we make in house for $10 dollars and get this you can come in any time for it. Just order a full chocolate tasting the next time you drop by. Unsure of what you’re getting into checkout this article “How to Enjoy a Proper Chocolate Tasting at ChocoVivo”

3. Chocolate Making Class

Ever wanted to learn how to make chocolate?Learn how to make chocolate with Chef Ryan. Best thing about this one is you can go to Chef Ryan or have Chef Ryan come to you. For $110 a person you can enjoy a full 3 course class and get a cool skill for your next gift. Sign up and make your chocolate making dreams come true here!

4. Edelweiss Chocolate Factory Tour

A gem of HollyWood and Beverly Hills Edelweiss Chocolate Company circa 1942. Tour the chocolate factory that catered to stars such as Katharine Hepburn, Nancy Reagan and members of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Get a tour of the facilities that made this chocolate world renowned and forever a gem of the Golden Era of Hollywood.

5. ChocoVivo’s Cacao Ceremony

A sacred Mayan Tradition right here in the heart of LA.The last Friday of Every Month ChocoVivo holds a Cacao Ceremony a ceremony that through the use of sound baths and ceremonial cacao drink a process called heart opening is initiated and allows for the beginning of a revelation emotional or physical. Read more here or if you’re ready go ahead and sign up.


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