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Kid's Chocolate Art Series!: June 18-20th, Mon.-Wed.

Kid's Chocolate Art Series!: June 18-20th, Mon.-Wed.

Summer vacation is quickly approaching! We know that means tons of quality time with the kids but all parents need a break from all that too!

Let us babysit your kids for a couple while you enjoy some free time!

Tickets are here. $35/day - This includes all the chocolate/art materials & chocolate education for are all provided.

Day 1 - Chocolate Finger Painting! (Tickets here!)

- We will be using different percentages of chocolates for different shades of brown to help your child unlock the Jackson Pollock in them!

Day 2 - Cacao Pod Garden! (Tickets here!)

- We will be creating gardens full of succulents in cacao pods! We'll teach the children how to plant and nurture their hard-to-kill plants

Day 3 - Raw Cacao Balls! (Tickets here!)

- Delicious and nutritious Cacao Balls! We'll be teaching your children he importance of nutrition and how easy it is to eat healthy!

*Please inform us of any food allergies prior to sign up!!*