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Final Cacao Ceremony for 2018

Final Cacao Ceremony for 2018

Come enjoy the company of others by meditating as a group, listening to a sound bath, and being led through breathwork.  We start and end with how the Mayans enjoyed Chocolate:  Chocolate + Water. 

November 2nd, Friday. This is the final ceremony of the year in 2018!

Each Cacao Ceremony will be different as we focus on different themes each month. We are ever changing beings so our ceremonies honor that natural cycle.


Time:  7 PM - 8:30 PM

We will be sitting on the ground.  We can accommodate only very few chairs.  Please call day of or email us at for special seating requests. 

Once you enter the space, there will be no cell phones allowed.  No pictures or recordings allowed. 

What to Bring:  YOGA MAT, blanket or pillow.  This is a small space and it can get warm so dress comfortably.

What to Expect:  Drinking Cacao, laying down, listening to a sound bath, and allowing yourself to feel whatever is natural for you.

What happens afterwards?  Tamales, Music, Chocolate & Mini jewelry trunk show!    

Who can come?  Anyone!  Male or Female.  Don't be afraid to come by yourself!  

Will there be food?  Tamales will be available and regular cafe menu available to order.  

What else?  Beautiful artisinal jewelry from Susan Grace for sale.  Susan is the former designer for Desperate Housewives! 

Laugh, Smile and be with Chocolate!  

Cost of items after the ceremony such as tamales, jewelry, hot chocolate, etc will be charged at time of sale.  

Due to ChocoVivo staff discretion, Changes may be made to best accommodate the night.  Please come with an open mind and ready to breathe.