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Stone ground on a weekly basis you’ll notice the texture and true taste of chocolate.  Pure Chocolate Bars are just that.  They are made with just Cacao Nibs and Unrefined Cane Sugar (except for the 100% Cacao Bar which has no sugar).  You’ll know what real chocolate tastes like, once you taste the purity and the natural complexity of the chocolate without the over processing of cacao and additional cacao butter.  You can easily taste those tannins and acids in chocolate that you can’t taste anywhere else.  Why?  Click on each bar and read on.  Simple is Better.

” I only eat other sweets on special occasions, for the most part.  Your dark chocolate is all I need daily. ” – Michelle,  Culver City Farmers Market Customer

Pure Bars

ChocoVivo handcrafts small batches of chocolate using traditional methods dating back over 2000 years ago. I work directly with the grower, I don't go through a distributor or broker. My grower is truly my mentor and partner. I believe, your food is only as good as your trust in your grower and supplier.

Unconched and untempered means less processed. This brings a whole new meaning to "I'm a chocoholic". You don't know what real chocolate tastes like until you taste this kind of chocolate. Since we don't temper the chocolate, the chocolate will naturally have a whitish film. It's completely natural and part of the beautiful characteristic of unprocessed chocolate.