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So creamy and unbelievably delicious.  The beauty of what we can do with simple ingredients.  Our chocolate butters are more like nut butters.  There’s no additional palm fruit oils, cocoa butter, or cocoa powder.  By using nuts that are unpasturized, freshly harvested, straight from the grower, and stone grinding them with our cacao nibs, we can create a creamy nut butter with only a few simple ingredients.  They are seriously that good.  Simple can truly be Better.

Our Chocolate Butters start with freshly harvested nuts, our cacao nibs, a touch of unrefined cane sugar, and sea salt and stone ground it all together. NOTHING ADDED EXCEPT REAL AND WHOLE INGREDIENTS.

The most famous Chocolate Nut Butters will add additional oils and they don't use whole nibs to make their butters. Reason being is because taking cacao nibs and grinding it down to a consistency where you can extract the natural cacao butter is difficult. You don't have real cacao until you know that they start with quality cacao nibs.