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ChocoVivo chocolate bars are lightly roasted and then stone ground into a beautiful wet chocolate waterfall.  We then pour and mold it into thin sheets  of chocolate and then let it cool for a few days.  The smell, sight, sound and taste of fresh stone ground chocolate is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.   Each week we stone grind the chocolate for our farmers markets and customers like you.  There’s a hand in every single element of the process.  Truly artisanal in terms of how it’s made, where it comes from, and how it tastes.  Once you taste this, you can’t go back to regular chocolate.

“”I keep trying to “save” the chocolate for sitting at night with a glass of wine…BUT IT’S JUST SO GOOD!! I am surprised at how “creamy” it seems, without any additives. Thank you for such an awesome product– we will definitely keep buying.” – Shauna & Ryan – Torrance Farmers Market Customers

ChocoVivo handcrafts small batches of chocolate using traditional methods dating back over 2000 years ago. I work directly with the grower, I don't go through a distributor or broker. My grower is truly my mentor and partner. I believe, your food is only as good as your trust in your grower and supplier.

Unconched and untempered means less processed. This brings a whole new meaning to "I'm a chocoholic". You don't know what real chocolate tastes like until you taste this kind of chocolate. Since we don't temper the chocolate, the chocolate will naturally have a whitish film. It's completely natural and part of the beautiful characteristic of unprocessed chocolate.